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Consultancy & Design

The design process is integral to the construction and growth of your garden. The design process is split into stages, as listed below.

Initial Consultation:
Initial meeting to discuss your ideas and requirements - where the design brief is outlined. We offer advice on materials, and costings to determine the extent of works etc. The initial consultation is free of charge.

Should you, after the initial consultation decide to commission us to draft a design for your garden, we enter the second stage. Upon the commission of a design, starting with the site survey, the process becomes chargeable. We will discuss during the initial consultation the likely design costs before any decision is made.

Site Survey:
Measurement of site including aspect of garden, outline of drainage etc, and other issues that may affect the design. A soil test is undertaken where necessary. The site is also photographed to aid design.

Second Meeting:
Proposed design is provided along with sketches and any construction drawings should they have been commissioned. Material samples are looked at, and rough costings outlined, along with planting schemes.

The proposed final design is a workable plan for construction. From this plan a fully itemised quote is drawn up.

Whether you are looking to improve a certain area of your garden or you are looking for a complete overhaul, the design process is the most important part of the works. When carrying out a project in your garden it is very easy to lose sight of your final goal and make hasty decisions in material choice and space arrangement etc. By going through the design process as outlined above, be it by yourself or through us, it helps to eliminate these problems and keeps focus on a design you are happy with.


Plants bring so much to any space and they excite us in the many ways that they can be combined and left to just do their own thing in your garden.

We use an ecologically balanced approach to our planting, creating a scheme that looks after itself (to a greater degree) and has a more natural feel. Tierra designs are a company with a horticultural background, our knowledge of plants and their ecosystems is extensive, and seeing our planting schemes develop brings us the most joy.

View planting styles at Oudolf. Read about some of our favourite suppliers on their respective websites: Orchard Dene Nurseries, Majestic Trees, Rochfords, Evergreen and Jacque Armand.


These days lighting is an integral part of any garden. We always look at lighting during the initial design as it can be used to change the feel of your garden.

Lighting will not only change the view and proportions of your garden at night but opens it up for extended usage, highlighting your favourite plants, features or art work. We use a selection of high quality fittings and trusted components. All mains connections are carried out by our appropriately qualified contractor Richard Hyde (in accordance with the new Eu rules).

View examples of light fittings at Hunza and Collingwood.


The use of water in the garden has always been a prized feature, be it a series of lakes, bog garden, pond, or a simple rill. It is not always suitable, however water in the right place will be a joy, adding much to a space, your courtyard or your meadow.


Irrigation provides the best start to a plants life, and at the same time makes best use of the water supply. Simple control systems allow for changes in demand during the seasons, these systems can detect rainfall and change accordingly. The systems will water automatically at set times whether you are home or away.

For the larger garden a water system reduces the need for long runs of hose pipe and the inconvenience caused. In a smaller garden, with raised beds and pots, the water demands can be very regular making irrigation essential. Irrigation is the most cost effective way to help a garden, young or old.

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